Yoga therapy

Colette is a trained Yoga therapist. Yoga therapy uses a range of tools to address individual needs. The general long-term goals include:

  • reducing the symptoms of suffering where possible
  • managing the symptoms that cannot be reduced
  • investigating causes wherever possible
  • improving life function
  • changing attitude and perspective in relationship to life

It can also help you learn how to:

  • cope with excessive stress or anxiety
  • enhance energy and productivity
  • develop a personal meditation practice
  • reduce dependency on alcohol, social and medical drugs and overeating
  • support sporting or outdoor activities
  • help menstrual problems and menopause
  • care for chronic disorders such as arthritis, asthma, circulatory or digestive problems, hypertension, insomnia, back pain etc

The range of tools that I use are rooted in traditional Indian medicine and yogic philosophy, such as:

  • Ayurveda: lifestyle, diet, asana, breath work and meditation are used to redress imbalances and promote wellbeing
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: an ancient wisdom that promotes and maintains psychological and spiritual wellbeing
  • Samkhya (Indian ancient system): rebalancing energetic forces to improve wellbeing

What Colette offers

Colette has a 500 hour qualification in Yoga therapy and has experience of working with individuals to address a range of issues (from anxiety, asthma, back pain to menopause). Shes also work with residents in care homes leading chair based yoga.

Colette starts with a thorough assessment of your needs, examining lifestyle, breath and movement, symptoms and the client’s goals. A practice programme is agreed between you and Colette and would usually involve a minimum of six sessions over a maximum of three months. You are given incremental practices to do at home. If you are not able to do practices at home then more frequent and longer sessions would be suggested.