In these troubling times yoga can offer solace and guidance. Explore the four practices below:

Meta bhavana (loving kindness meditation)

To support ourselves and our loved ones, send out loving kindness with this meditation.

  • Sit crossed legged or any comfortable seated posture and ensure your back is supported.
  • Left hand rests on left knee in chin mudra (Tip of thumb and index finger touching. Other two fingers are extended), right hand over heart.
  • Repeat silently: May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from harm
  • Do one round for yourself and then any subsequent rounds naming any individual you want to send loving kindness to.

Breathe (nadi sodhana/alternate nostril breathing)

Remember the importance of breath to improve how you feel and to clear the mind of worry.

  • Sit crossed legged or any comfortable seated posture and ensure your back is supported
  • Right hand in mrigi mudra (thumb controls right nostril, small and ring finger control left nostril)
  • Left hand on left knee in chin mudra
  • Both nostrils closed, open left nostril and inhale
  • Close left nostril and open right nostril to exhale
  • Keep left closed and inhale through right nostril
  • Close right and open left to exhale
  • Repeat 12 times

Practice kriya yoga (yoga sutra 2.1)

It is a good time to practice kriya yoga. How you do this is very flexible and open to creativity!

  1. tapas: discipline, routine, structure, making an effort. Work on developing new structures to manage this unusual reality.
  2. svādhyāya: self-study (such as reading sacred texts). Reflect on your inner development. So may be keep a yoga journal? Explore your world and learn new skills.
  3. īśvara-praṇidhānāni: surrendering to a higher force. Having humility and trust in the universe. Connect with the world.


Allow yourself to connect with the universe and feel the vibrations of sacred sounds.

There are loads of chanting music but Deva Premal’s- Mantras For Precarious Times just seems perfect! See a sample of her work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHOLGvLldkM


Contact Colette on 0782 808 3082 or moveintoyoga@gmail.com

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